Arrested Development Icons!

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1. This is an "Arrested Development" community. While other fandoms will always pop up every now and then, try to keep the focus on "Arrested Development."
2. This is an icon community. While other kinds of fanart and general conversation about the show will happen, and will be lots of fun, try to keep the focus on icons.
3. For goodness' sake, be nice to people. Do not mock their icon making skills, favorite characters, or mothers.
4. As in virtually every community, use an lj-cut if you're posting more than three icons.
5. Give people feedback. It will brighten people's days, let them know their work is appreciated, and foster a dialogue between icon-makers and icon-lovers.
6. Give credit to people who ask for credit. You can even give credit to people who don't ask for it. It won't hurt you.
7. It goes without saying that you cannot steal other people's icons and say that they're yours. That's rude, and I will become angry.

"Arrested Development" Resources!
On the internet:
1. The official Fox site, with news about the show and the actors.
2. The OP, a fabulous fansite with sounds, episode guides, and zillions of screencaps.
On livejournal:
1. the_bluths, a fan discussion community.
2. arresteddevlpmt, a general interest community
3. bluthboys_daily, a site devoted to pictures of Jason Bateman and Will Arnette, but not Tony Hale or David Cross.
4. arrestedcontest, an "Arrested Development"-centered icon challenge community!

So, that's about it. Join us. We're cool.

Community default icon by horsefacehannah.

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